Patient Behavioral Interventions and Compliance Issues

Physicians see on a daily basis how physical health and behavior are often deeply connected. Many medical doctors struggle to find the extra time needed in a medical exam to coach patients on changing dietary habits, increasing physical activity, or finding ways to engage those with various compliance issues. The field of Psychology has been focusing on the needs of the medical community more and more in recent years and have developed many approches to supplementing medical care with solution-focused behavioral interventions. We welcome referrals from all medical professionals related to any aspect of patient care that has a behavioral or psychological component. Contact us with what you would like to accomplish with your patient if time allowed, and we will gladly present a suggested treatment plan that would work for your patient, and will keep you informed of their progress toward the goal for their next physical exam.

Pharmacalogical Consultation and Recommendation

At Heartland Counseling we also are well aware of the increasing demands on physicians to care for the psychological needs of patients using psychotropic medication. We are staffed with excellent diagnosticians who are very up to date on the latest medications and how they may impact other aspects of medical care. If you are considering starting a trial of psychiatric medication with your patient, we'd be happy to conduct an evaluation and make recommendations based on specific diagnosis, likely side effect profiles, possible interactions with other medications


Pastoral Care Consultation

At Heartland Counseling we prefer to work in cooperation with clients' pastors whenever possible. We are also happy to help you in your pastoral care role even if no referal to our professionals is necessary. Pastors too often receive the message that their shepherding of parishioners should end when serious problems turn up or if psychological symptoms come into the picture. You do not need to refer your counseling issues to "the professionals." You are the professional. If we may provide consultation to help you in that role please give us a call.

Counseling Referral

If you do wish to make a referral for consultation we would like to work in concert with your pastoral care. We encourage clients to give us permission to speak with their pastors about their care. When you refer a client, ask them to complete this form so that we may discuss their care with you. We are concerned with the spiritual formation of our clients, as we know you are. We look forward to supporting you in your crucial role.

Workshops and Consultations

We enjoy supporting the spiritual and psychological health of congregations. We have a variety of workshops and topics that our staff can present to your congregation. We also have experience consulting with congregations who have experienced a crisis. Take a look at our list of common topics for workshops and presentations. Other topics are available as well. Let us know how we may work with you for the health of your congregation.



School Consultations and Workshops

Many of our professionals have experience providing consultations for educators on topics such as classroom behavior management, understanding diagnosis and special needs of children in the classroom, and integrating behaviorally based IEP requirements into the classroom. We also understand the stress that teachers endure on a daily basis managing their classrooms and we offer many workshops aimed at encouraging self-care techniques for educators and school support staff. Additionally we offer consultation services for parents on understanding their child's diagnosis and the impact on the classroom. Please see our full list of seminar and workshop topics.

Crisis Managment

At Heartland Counseling we are committed to providing support to the community in times of crisis. At Heartland our professionals are trained to respond to a variety of situational crises from suicide and accidental death to more widespread tragedies. Our staff is always willing to provide services on short notice for crisis management, please do not hesitate to call us.

Counseling Referrals

If you wish to make a referral for an individual child or family we would be happy to accomodate whatever needs there may be. We offer insurance based, as well as sliding scale services to all individuals referred to Heartland. When you refer a child or family, please ask them to complete a release of information waiver form so that we may keep in contact with you regarding their treatment recommendations and outcomes.