Individual Counseling

Our counselors are trained in a wide variety of approaches to individual psychotherapy. We will develop a treatment plan with you based on your needs and preferences. During the course of therapy, your counselor is likely to draw on various psychological approaches according, in part, to the problem that is being treated and his/her assessment of what will best benefit you. These approaches include behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, existential, system/family, developmental (adult, child, family), or psycho-educational.

Children and Adolescents

Our child Therapists have a great deal of experience working with children and adolescents of all ages. Several of our clinicians have received advanced training to specialize in diagnosis and treatment with children and adolescents and are prepared to guide you and your family through this process. Please contact us with your questions about services that may be beneficial to your child.

Marital Enrichment

Couples face unique challenges. As divorce rates rise it becomes harder to imagine a relationships that will last. Every couple faces crises and difficult stages. The most common stresses to a relationship occur in the areas of money, intimacy and communication. Our couples counselors are prepared with skills and techniques to help your relationship weather a difficult time and grow stronger through the process. Even couples that are not in crisis can benefit from a brief series of marriage enrichment sessions which will help you to identify and capitalize on the strengths of your relationship and the qualities that drew you together in the first place.

Premarital Counseling

Marriage is one of the most important commitments most of us ever make. Even the best marriages face difficulties of many kinds. Why not give a marriage the best start possible? Premarital counseling helps a couple anticipate the areas of tension and learn or improve coping skills before the challenges even begin. Many ministers require premarital counseling for couples who want them to perform a wedding. If you know a couple who has recently become engaged? A course of premarital counseling makes a wonderful marriage gift.

Bereavement/Grief Counseling

Grief takes many forms and is a natural part of living with loss. Some people, though, experience complicated bereavement when their grieving process becomes “stuck” and does not reach healthy resolution. Others are so overwhelmed by a loss that they need help sorting through their feelings and moving back out into the world.

Family Counseling

Families face challenges of many kinds. No family is immune from difficulties that interfere with trust and communication. A family counselor can help you overcome the obstacles that keep you apart. Family counseling brings the family together with a professional who is skilled in overcoming obstacles in communication to bring you closer together again. If you are going through a major life transition or divorce, family counseling can help you navigate these changes

Professional Consultation

Families aren’t the only sources of relationship difficulties. Businesses, churches and other organizations can struggle when members have difficulty communicating. Heartland counselors have experience assisting many groups with their communication or team building.

Christian Counseling

The staff at Heartland Counseling all share a Christian faith. Several of our counselors have training and experience in the integration of Christian spiritual formation with counseling. Since faith is an essential part of many people’s lives, it makes sense to make it part of the healing process as well, when that is appropriate. (If you do not wish to explore faith issues you will not receive any pressure to discuss or share Christian faith or values with your counselor. If you would Prayer or healing Prayer known as Immanuel Prayer, our Therapist will be happy to include this in your treatment Read more in our FAQ