When you make your first contact we will do our best to match you to the therapist who best fits your needs. Please understand that a brief biography on our web page cannot give a complete picture of all that is involved in selecting an appropriate clinician. The clinician you are drawn to may not be the best choice for you. They also may not be accepting new patients or may not be available when you are. When you first meet with any counselor you will both be assessing how well the two of you “fit” together. You certainly may request an interview with another counselor if you are not confident of that fit.

LCSW, President

· Licensed Clinical Social Worker
· Social Skills
· Adults, Adolescents & Children
· ADHD and behavior issues
· Anxiety and Depression,
· Marriage ,Life Transitions,
· Grief and Loss, Trauma
· Christian Counseling
· Immanuel Prayer

· Licensed Clinical Psychologist
· Children, adolescents, family
· Anxiety & depression
· ADHD & behavior issues
· Academic issues
· Specialty – Autism Spectrum


· Licensed Professional Counselor
· Adults, adolescents, and children
· Depression and anxiety
· Grief, loss, and trauma
· Identity and life transition issues
· Christian Spiritual disciplines